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Anywhere but Home
Artist: Evanescence
Label: Wind-up Records

Evanescence is one of those rare bands that is acceptable to both underground and mainstream music fans, and therefore accidentally becomes huge. Whether you listen to punk, goth, CCM, or just whatever is playing on the radio, Amy Lee meets your expectations. Their album Fallen has become popular enough, in fact, to warrant its re-release twice, in the CD/DVD collection Anywhere but Home.

Disc One is basically Fallen live. Disc Two is Fallen live with shiny pictures and video. Their only "new" song in the past year, a radio performance of  Nirvana's "Heart-Shaped Box," did not make it onto the compilation. However, the song "Missing," an apparent outtake from their album, was released amidst all the live material. The sound quality suffers on the CD, at times reaching bootleg concert quality.

And yet, who cares? These are still really great songs, and unless their next release is called _Evanescence's Greatest Hits_, we can probably forgive the band for doing this. If nothing else, this collection documents the band's instant transition to playing in giant arenas.  Die-hard fans will want this for their collection, even if it probably would have been better as a DVD release. This compilation, combined with the search for "Heart-Shaped Box," should at least keep fans busy until the release of the next album.

Freddie Odom  01/22/2005



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