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  Elektra: the Album
Label: Wind-Up Records
Length: 57:22

The Elektra soundtrack contains many names that are familiar to Tollbooth readers: Switchfoot, 12 Stones, Evanescence, and Alter Bridge,  among others. Unfortunately, a lot of these songs are mediocre, and fitting for, well...a soundtrack for a comic book character that you haven't heard of.

First, there is the matter of Evanescence's song "Breathe no more." Fans, this is actually an unreleased was meant to be a B-side on Fallen.  However, there is a reason that it wasn't's a very quiet piano song that sounds like it should have been the secret song at the end of that album.

Second, there are the songs by 12 Stones and Alter Bridge...on second thought, forget those. Eliminate them from your consideration of whether to buy this album. The Alter Bridge song does have a catchy chorus...but that's about all it has going for it.

The only songs on this CD to fully escape the "mediocre" category are:

"Hey Kids" by Jet
"Sooner or Later" by Switchfoot
"5 Years" by the Twenty Twos
"In the Light" by Full Blown Rose

Four out of fifteen songs. My calculator has informed me that only 26.66666667 % of this album is good. Unless you are a collector of Elektra or Evanescence things, skip this one.

Freddie Odom   3/7/2005



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