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  A Year to Demonstrate
Artist:   The Elanors
Label:   Isidore Records (Independent)

This is great music, and I must end my review here.

But alas, in the real world that stunt could get me fired, so I will continue.. According to Isidore records, the title A Year to Demonstrate refers to bandmembers Noah and Adriel Harris' first year of marriage.  Coincidentally, 2005 will be the first year that I have ever heard of the Elanors. The lyrics in this album are very emotional, the music is very mellow, and I find no fault in it whatsoever.

So what, besides that very vague description, do the Elanors actually sound like? Well, if the Elanors were a big corporate band, they might best be described as Radiohead, Michael W. Smith, Michelle Branch (if she were a man,) or the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland joining Modest Mouse. (In other words, I can't really categorize their sound, but it's fun to try anyway.) The first track, "Roads to Freedom," is very Radiohead-esque,  but some later tracks are more acoustic, carefree, and folk.

<i>A Year to Demonstrate</i> contains the best music that I have heard in all 16 days of 2005. I give the album five widgets, with widgets being units of sound that I can't explain very well. 

Freddie Odom 01/22/2005



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