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Artist: Drekka
Label: Blue Sanct
Length: 12/35:32

Exactioning is another release from minimalist group Drekka.  It is a remaster/release of two EPs, Exactioning and Hermitage Two, thus ending the nightmare for completist fans of this group.

This disc is an ambient compost pile ­ everything is recycled.  "Love Without Sound" is a short piece in the mode of Half Handed Cloud. "What Would the Community Think?" could be the music from a discarded REM song.

"Psalm 99 (100)" is a chant, and "Exactioning" features a typewriter being used over background noise.  "Entitled" revisits this ploy at the disc's end, completing the circle and making you wonder just what exactly this album is supposed to be the soundtrack forů

Fans of Devendra Banhart, Xiu Xiu, and possibly Ween will be attracted to this disc.  As for me, I'm more confused now than before I started playing it.

Brian A. Smith  5/18/2005



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