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Artist: Jason Dove  
Label: Carbon & Monoxide
Length: 13/35:51

If an artist can be described as the sum of his influences, Jason Dove could be considered elite company. Pronto somehow manages to combine such the sounds and styles of such variant performers as Buddy Holly, Neil Young, Elvis Costello, Led Zeppelin, and any number of old school punk artists.   The outcome delivers a mix of  '50's, punk, '70's guitar anthems, and instrumental surf/punk/thrash tunes that could be used in TV or movie soundtracks immediately.

"Landing a Chopper" and "Jameson on the Rocks" are two of the musical tracks, with "Theme" coming across as an extended '70's TV show theme, perhaps a forerunner to the "Kids in the Hall" theme music combined with "Hawaii Five-O." 

"Crisis Mountain" is much more in the area of 70's guitar rock, while "The Dinosaur Song" citing The Who, asking over and over "Are the kids alright?", then trying to convince oneself that in fact, "the kids are alright."

Dove is creative, combining all of these musical textures onto one disc, and somehow managing to find a thread connecting them all.   Given his punk DIY ethic, it is not surprising to find a certain 12-letter obscenity contained in "Hey," but it is, oddly enough, used as a term of affection.

Pronto follows its own description, dashing off thirteen tracks in just over thirty-five minutes.  It is a fast-paced, driving, fun disc that avoids the easy pop punk of today, and instead pays tribute to those who made those bands possible.  

Brian A. Smith
11 October 2005



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