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  Denison Marrs
Artist: Denison Marrs 
URL : 
Label: Floodgate records
Length: 10 tracks/41:59

Not a criticism, but too many of these alt. CCM bands sound too much like U2, that it just canít be a healthy thing. Which U2, you may well ask? Well, the U2 that virtually every emo punk band emulates with every intense ounce of their collective souls. Achtung Baby without the redemption of a "One" or "So Cruel,"  perhaps. So what does this endless rambling about U2 have to do with Denison Marrs. Well everything and nothing actually. I mean, Denison Marrs appear sincere enough but the dark atonal undercurrent is at odds with the message I sense Denison Marrs are attempting to express. Meaning itís unrelentingly morose in sound and I cannot find any moment of joyous abandon, no matter how hard I try. Surely there must be moreÖ

By Kevin Mathews 
19 December 2004

Denison Marrs is a band that has been around for a number of years, but has of yet not received a large amount of praise for their work. There latest album which is self-titled is a nice blend of indie and pop rock. While not the greatest album of all time, and in my opinion not even their greatest album, it still offers a change from your ordinary mall and commercialized pop rock. This self-titled album does showcase a lot of musical ability from this Orlando based band, but on the same hand it follows very closely in the steps of previous Denison Marrs records. The biggest surprise of the album was the fact that it did keep me entertained for a while, however the one of the albumsí downfalls was the fact that once again like some of their previous CDís, every song sounded the same. Denison Marrs has shown that hard work can pay off as demonstrated by their recent tour with Switchfoot, but on the same token they have also proven that without evolving their sound they can get boring.

Mike Elliott 1-20-05



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