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Artist: Disciple
Label: S/R/E Recordings
Time: 14 tracks/45:44 

Now this is what I’m talking about!  An intense album with expansive sound and soaring melodies that eulogizes the power of Christian rock.  Disciple is “back again,” this time with a self-titled CD that will surely rock your socks off.  Producer Travis Wyrick has had plenty of experience working with bands such as POD and Pillar, and obviously knew what he was doing when he produced Disciple’s album.  Therefore, for those of you who haven’t heard Disciple, saying that you are missing out would be an understatement. 

Kevin Young’s vocal delivery is astounding – his voice is somewhat raspy and sharp and manages to touch something inside you that other vocalists can never seem to contact, and incase you were wondering, you can definitely understand the lyrics of this rock album.  He can also sing “pretty”, which adds an extra stroke of beauty to the slower songs on the CD.  

The album starts off strong with Disciple’s new single, “The Wait is Over,” a high-intensity track, followed by other vibrant tunes like “Stripped Away,”  “Backstabber,” and “All We have.”  But Disciple doesn’t just limit themselves to head-banging, hard-hitting anthems –  slower tracks like “Only You” and “Beautiful” contribute nicely to the overall effect of the album.  

The song “Beautiful” is exactly what the title says – it’s absolutely BEAUTIFUL!  The song starts out slow with acoustic guitar and during the choruses, the rest of the band comes in but still maintains the softer sound.   Up through the third chorus, the song is very pretty, but in the final 30 seconds when Kevin busts out breathtaking vocals, you’ll feel chills trickle down your spine and agree – the song is indeed beautiful.

“Into Black” and “Falling Over” are two of my favorite tracks on the CD.  Both songs have unmistakably inventive melodies mixed with cascading layers of sounds, occasionally accented by hardcore screams.   The lyrical depth of each song accentuates the tunes as well.  

A producer who knows what he’s doing?  Check.  Passion?  Check.  Fourteen original faith-fueled songs with impressive vocals and lyrical depth?  Check.  My final verdict: Disciple is an album that you absolutely can’t pass up.  

Sarah Verno, 5/19/2005



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