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Faith Folk + Fair Trade
Artist: Gareth Davies-Jones 
Label: Fair Trade Media 
Time: 4 tracks / 

Passion and complete frankness jumps off this disc and punches the listener right in the solar plexus! These four simple songs will do what most worship music isn’t able to do, move one into action. Carrying the torch that Chris Martin of Coldplay has lit trying to make fair between Industrialized and Under Developed nations is Gareth Davies-Jones. This EP focuses on the suffering that ravaged third world Nations deal with daily. While government and big business does nothing to help and unfortunately quite often they are the perpetrators of the crimes. The aim of these songs is to let the church know that adults as well as children, our brothers and sisters in Christ are dying. We cannot remain passive we have to do something. To get a feel for what Gareth offers to us I will share a line from the heart gripping “Greed For Gain” it goes “what would Jesus do – someone said to me/what would Jesus do/well I don’t know (exactly)/but I know He’d do something/so why don’t you?” This album is more of an experience, this is not something that you would listen to casually. To get the full affect of what Gareth has created you will want to focus on the lyrics, internalize them. To often Christian social justice is overlooked, thank you Gareth for being one crying out in the wilderness, to many of us myself included would rather be tanning by the pool.

Aaron Anderson  10/23/2005

In addition to writing for Phantom Tollbooth, Aaron also independently writes poems, devotionals and more about the human condition. To read more of his writings or order some of his books go to:


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