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Love + Rescue
Artist:  Cameron Dezen   
Label: Olivette Music
Time: 10 tracks/38:15 min.

So what does this mean; Two voices: One Singer: Cameron Dezen?  It's  an attempt to describe the experience of listening to Love+Rescue, Cameron's second CD, following Mary's Daughter released in 2000.

The first 5 seconds of the disc might have you reaching for the eject button with another cover of “Shout to the Lord” --the CCM  equivalent of "Freebird" overplayed by everyone and their brother/sister.  But thankfully, it's just the first few chords that recall that song and more appetizing things begin to happen.

Just enough modern production touches of electronica synthesizers and percussion loops, nice creamy distorted electric guitars, and Cameron's always clear but dual-personality voice make Love+Rescue an interesting listen.

The two personalities that seem to show up in Cameron's singing swing between a relaxed girl-next-door to '80's alt-country original Aimee Mann of 'Til Tuesday fame.  It's in this second guise that Cameron's voice seems most likely to catch the attention of the listener.  The best hook of the CD is the chorus of the fourth track, “Miami” and upon listening to Dezen belt it out just once ­you will be singing along through the song and the rest of the day.

Dezen is a singer-songwriter whose main axe is acoustic piano ­ which is naturally featured throughout the disc.  Hubby Matt Hammon produced the disc and added most of the other elements around the songs-­including guitars, drum programming, and sound effects etc.  The two make a formidable pair from a talent standpoint.

The CD seems to have a dual personality as much as Dezen's voice.  The first five songs would easily find their way into rotation in any adult-contemporary format broadcast.  Track 6, "Enough" seems like a segue out of the pop stylings to prepare the listener for the bulk of the second half of the CD-­which is more stark-­primarily piano and Dezen's voice.  The feeling is if you are in the studio with Dezen laying down her first shot each of these songs.  This is a good thing-­it pares away the slick production elements of the first half to expose what is at Dezen's musical core.  All singer-songwriters worth their salt should be able to stand alone in their element and in this, Dezen doesn't disappoint.

Besides "Miami" the other memorable tracks on the CD include the last track, "Right, Right Now" which includes the lyric “The cost of living is making lots of plans.  The funny about that is it's mostly out of our hands.,” and “Just Like Me” for it's more modern techno sound to contrast Dezen's clean-cut vocals with a very classy 'cut it off on a vocal' ending.

In the promo material that came bundled with the CD, Cameron has a very moving testimony in her Artist's Statement.  There isn't enough room for her to include the text in the liner notes, I hope that Dezen includes the text eventually on her website.

With this solid effort from a new artist in the crowded singer songwriter talent pool, Love+Rescue should garner Dezen enough attention by more major labels to be guaranteed that we will hear more from her in the future.

Scott Lake 7/11/2005



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