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Artist: Jeff Deyo
Label: Gotee Records
Time: 12 Tracks / 1:13:59
Rock worship luminary Jeff Deyo lets us in on his concert staged at the 2005 Parachute Festival in New Zealand with the release of Surrender his third solo project with Gotee Records. Immediately we are submerged into the deep end of the pool of worship with rousing songs such as the guitar driven "Lose Myself" and the heavy drum beats of "We Are Hungry." 
Deyo an original member of Sonic Flood and was one of the group's primary songwriters until two years ago. Striking out on his own as a solo artist backed by capable musicians Nate Winters (drums), Charlie Goddard (electric guitar), bassist Jeremy McCoy and pianist Fred Williams (doubles on synthesizers) Deyo continues to provide us with worship anthems bathed in adoration for our God. 
When reviewing a live album you never quite know whether to review the concert or the finished product. Since we weren't at the concert and do not have a DVD to add to our sensory perceptions, we need to restrict ourselves to an album review. What we can say however is that Deyo segues easily between rock anthems, homilies concerning the need to follow Jesus and quieter worship songs. 
By the time your CD spins to track five, "Be Lifted Up," you will be ready for something quieter. Jeff Deyo is stoked from the beginning of this concert and I don't know if he needed a rest but I know I did.
The recording of "More Love, More Power" comes the closest to giving us the feel of actually being at the Parachute Festival.  The guitar wizardry of Charlie Goddard is evident and you can feel the passion in Deyo's vocals.  
At one second shy of one hour and fourteen minutes this album gives you full value for your money. The concert has the common thread throughout of leading to a decision to follow Jesus for those who do not know him and affirmation of our lifelong commitment for those of us who have taken up that cross. "Nothing Less Than All of Me" is one of those songs of affirmation. "Nothing Less Than All of Me" also demonstrates that outstanding guitar licks with liberal use of special effects does indeed mix well with worship.
"Bless the Lord" penned by Deyo brings to a close the concert and therefore, this splendid album. The musicians eventually take a backseat as Deyo leads the audience through a prayerful rendition of "Bless the Lord."
If I was a Kiwi I'd be happy to have attended the Parachute Festival and Jeff Deyo's concert but I am a Canadian and I have the next best thing the live album Surrender.

By Joe Montague, exclusive rights reserved

Joe Montague is an internationally published journalist / photographer. His ministry is dedicated to the memory of his late son Kent David Montague who went to heaven at the age of 18. All copyright and distribution rights remain the property of Joe Montague. 


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