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Target of Your Favor
Artist: Will Derryberry 
Label: Independent
Length: 10/37:09

Target of Your Favor almost comes across as a concept album, with a theme of personal sacrifice.  Derryberry himself has a versatility to his vocals that almost lead you to think there is more than one lead singer here. "God Like You" is in the Bush/Scott Stapp range, while the title track is more adult alternative in the mode of Rob Thomas (before his recent Justin Timberlake persona).  "Flying Higher" is a lighter hip hop/rock piece, and "Out of The Darkness" brings the funk. "Stand Up" evokes Russ Taff's solo days, soulfully reminding us of the need to worship God on our feet and on our knees.  Derryberry employs smart songwriting, and his bandmates provide the proper backdrop for his vocals to convey their message.  Target of Your Favor is the type of worship music we need more of original songs that aren't repetitive or over-long, and still honestly focused on their Maker.

Brian A. Smith
21 May 2005



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