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  Deadwood: Music from the HBO Original Series
Artist: Various Artists
Label: Lost Highway Records
Length: 23/43:09

Deadwood is an HBO drama that portrays their version of the Old West.  The soundtrack is equal parts dialogue from the series (which makes it clear very early this is a cable only television show – sensitive listeners would be advised to pursue the music only version of this disc) and music that focuses on the two main influences of the day, Americana and blues.

Lyle Lovett’s “Old Friend”,and June Carter Cash’s rendition of “Will the Circle Be Unbroken” fit in perfectly here in creating an image of a Western town in the process of being settled.  “Farther Along” (Mississippi John Hurt), and “Stars and Stripes Forever” (Jelly Roll Morton) remind us exactly what time period we are dealing with.  Scene clips with characters such as Calamity Jane, Will Bill Hickok, and the stereotypical Mister Wu leave no doubt where and when this story takes place.

To fans of the show, this disc will offer the opportunity to recall some of Deadwood’s finer moments, both in writing and in music.  To the casual listener, the music here will evoke the mental images of a frontier town, and the hardships of its settlers, not to mention the devious minds of those who would take advantage of them.  Those listeners will no doubt be inspired to check out the series, which means the creators of this soundtrack have done their job quite well.

Brian A. Smith
19 February 2005



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