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Artist: Dum Dog Run
Label: Fuseic Music
Tracks: 16/53:27

"I know its only rock 'n' roll but I like it, like it, yes I do". Lately when Mick sings these words I can only imagine that he's thinking about the newest release from Rick Altizer's band known as Dum Dog Run. This quartet hailing from Nash Vegas consists of Mickey Ryan on bass & vocals, Kyle Johnson on drums & vocals, Jade Hanson, formerly of Believable Picnic and occasionally PFR on guitars & vocals and the a fore mentioned Rick Altizer on vocals & guitars. This album is just flat out red hot rock 'n' roll, blazing guitars, great hooks and tight vocals make this one of the best releases of the year so far.

The album was produced, recorded and mixed by Altizer and mastered by Hanson and is basically perfect in every way you could want from a rock record. The tunes cover the spectrum of content from a tune about a "Psycho Girlfriend" to one about that media goddess, "Jennifer Aniston"  Throw in some songs about the perils and trials of being a "Superstar" and the joys of your perfect "Dream Weekend" and you have your bases covered. Although on Altizer's previous releases he usually let the lead guitar parts be handled by Adrian Belew that is not the case here. Altizer and Hanson handle the guitar parts and they are hot enough that you might want to have a fire extinguisher handy, just in case. There are sixteen songs on this disc and each one just climbs higher than the one before it.

Except for the cover of "Lets Go" by The Cars, all of the tunes are originals written by the band. If these guys can duplicate on stage what they have put onto disc, I almost showed my age and said vinyl, then they are a must see. I only hope that they reach beyond the confines of Music City and hit the road for some club gigs. you can check out their web site at

Chris MacIntosh aka Grandfather Rock



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