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  Sunsets & Sushi
Artist: David Crowder Band
Label: EMI
Length: 8/41:00

Take the preeminent “modern worship” band today, mix it with a roomful of techno and computer wizards, and add drum loops, and what do you get?

You get Sunsets & Sushi: Experiments in Spectral Deconstruction, the latest EP from the ubiquitous David Crowder Band, their third output in less than a year.  The disc consists of eight remixes of previously recorded material, seven of which are Crowder originals.

Normally, I’m a fan of Crowder’s all out, energetic, pounding rock style, other than the sheer repetitiveness than comes with most worship music.  It is entirely possibly to get caught up in the wave of emotion and feel an actual closeness to the Father when he is on stage.

Sunsets & Sushi, however, must be aimed at a different audience.  Computerized dance remix – strike one.  Vocals that get twisted beyond recognition with a variety of studio tricks – strike two.  Endless loops of sounds, drum, and techno club music – strike three.  Worship music and night club music may have a place together, but this isn’t it.  Instead of being creative and offbeat a la Beck, the redone versions come off as a lesser worthy successor to a third rate Pop-era U2 tribute band.  With the lone exception of “Intoxicating”, it’s almost unlistenable.

Brian A. Smith
19 March 2005



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