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  Rise Up/Running Out of Time
Artist: Daniel Band 
Label: Retroactive Records 

Daniel Band was a flat-out arena rock band. Classic metal riffs, power chords, big moves, big ideas, they had it all. Definitely '80s in style, a time when synthesizer keyboards held their heads up as equals in the sonic blanket, their 1986 release Rise Up and 1988 Running Out of Time are their last two studio albums. Songs like  "Party in Heaven," embodied an awesome concept for new Christians pulled from the depths of drug abuse to the ultimate good time--heaven. The uplifting, energetic message of Daniel Band was perfect for the times and is available again thanks to this reissued, limited edition disc by Retroactive Records and includes as a bonus "Walk on the Water," originally only released on Rise Up cassettes.

Canadians Tony Rossi on lead guitar; Dan McCabe on lead vocals, bass and keyboards; Matt Delduca on drums; and Bill Findlay on rhythm guitar and keyboards comprised the tight, fun, showy band. While this music may not have held up as well in our enlightened new millennium, in their day, Daniel Band could fill and rock out an arena with the best, and this reissue is an opportunity to go back in time to those big-hair days.

Tony LaFianza 
Linda LaFianza



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