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  Strangely Looking Forward
Artist: Danielís Window
Label: Cul De Sac Records/ Cross Driven Records
Length: 10 tracks/ 39:21

Danielís Window is a band who has released several CDís in itís history, but with the release of Strangely Looking Forward they have really begun to take off in the Christian music world. Danielís Window has been touring for seven years with over 120 dates a year. They have been known to play youth events such as Acquire the Fire, Youth Encounter, and Youth Specialties. This experience combined with each individuals strong relationship with God, helped Danielís Window create a beautiful worship CD.

After reading the press release for this album, my expectations dropped. The press release said that Danielís Window was a modern worship band. This was disturbing because of the fact that it seems like all bands now have ďworshipĒ CD out, and I was not looking forward to listening to ďanother worship CD.Ē However when I stuck this CD in, I was pleasantly surprised. This CD was more then just a worship CD. This CD was catchy and kept me interested with its powerful lyrics and modern rock sound. Danielís Widow has the ability to take the modern rock sound and combine it with bits of hip-hop to create a wonderful listening experience.

Strangely Looking Forward clocks in at almost forty minuets, but it leaves you wanting more of their energy and worshipful spirit. This is an album that forces you to admire the band that created it. Every song on this album was very well done. Some of the songs are re-done versions of old worship favorites, while others are originals. There wasnít a standout song on the entire CD, nor was there a visible weak point. This CD also does not sound the same all of the way through. At time the band picks up the tempo or drops it to really create a wonder listening experience. This CD is a must have for any fan of modern worship music.

Mike Elliott 1/9/2005



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