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Don't Look Back Now
Artist: Curt Collins    
Label: FFS Records
Length: 10 tracks 34:44

Curt Collins is a man with a mission: to serve the Lord through his music. He wants to be known as a willing vessel for the Lord to use. He accomplishes these things with Don't Look Back Now.

Collins offers up good, contemporary Christian music with some country, soft rock with worship tinges.  Production is clean and thoughtful. Collins' vocals are crisp, lending themselves to some very nice harmonies. His lyrics are full of common sense. He touches on prayer, God's love and mercy, and the need for fellowship and family.

Opener "Work in Progress" is lyrically encouraging and inspiring, full of the promise that the Lord is not finished with any of us yet. Loaded with melody and harmony, this song sets the norm for the rest of the album.

Two tracks stand out immediately. "I Speak Life To You" is a prayer in song. Powerful, standing on God's Word, this mid tempo beauty has an very uplifting chorus featuring some lovely harmonies. 

Much more simple in sound, but not in power, is "Back Yard Hero." A father's view of his son, the lyrics are heartfelt and emotional. A definite winner.

Collins is well known to Christian country and Southern Gospel fans. He has performed on Gaither's Homecoming and at the CCMA this past year. What's ahead for Collins? "I'm not sure," he says. "but I've heard it said that getting there is good, but the journey is incredible!"

Bob Felberg



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