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Between Chaos and Melody
Artist: Celestial Static 
Label: NCM
Length: 14/51:42

Celestial Static is a Chicago area band that has not forgotten its roots their first two EPs were filled with crunchy guitar riffs a la Smashing Pumpkins and vocal stylings of Veruca Salt, and occasionally indie darling Beki Hemingway.  The EPs gave the listener hope that this talented trio would release a full length disc, and continue to
grow musically, expanding their sound.

Between Chaos and Melody, however, indicates that Celestial Static has found a sound they are comfortable with, in that it would be very difficult to tell the album apart from its predecessors.  It is rife with the sound we've grown to expect over the last few years, grunge and early '90's guitar riffs, combined with Julie Elzerman's Belly/Tanya Donnelly/Gwen Stefani vocals.  "Tuesday" is a prime example of this.  Drummer Jason Morris' backup vocals are a welcome addition, though.

"Rice Paper," an extended metaphor for the fragility of human emotions, is the standout here, and shows Elzerman veering into Beki Hemingway territory vocally.  Most of the rest, though, falls into the same descriptions already discussed.  Celestial Static seems poised at a crossroads their next project can establish that they are going to stay where they are, or they can take the road less traveled and try something new I suspect that may make a lot of difference.

Brian A. Smith
13 August 2005



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