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  Higher Definition
Artist: Cross Movement
Label: Cross Movement Records
Time: 15 tracks/ 1.2 hours

Higher Definition is an energetic, innovative record that is aiming to take Christian hip-hop to new heights. Based on their website’s theme message, “Understanding the times and knowing what to do,” Cross Movement Records (CMR) is acknowledging the need for positive hip-hop music in our culture and creating powerful albums based on that need.  

In case anyone is confused, Ambassador, Tru-Life, Tonic, and Phanatik are all members of the Cross Movement group and in addition to songs by the Cross Movement, each artist has 2-3 of his own solo additions on the album.  Phanatik and Tonic are both scheduled to drop solo projects later this year and based on their additions to Higher Definition, I wouldn’t be surprised if they are quite successful.

The entire album is composed of catchy songs that collaborate with thought-provoking lyrics to ignite positive messages in the hearts of listeners – a strong contrast to the “hit” songs we hear on secular radio stations.  The album starts off with the Cross Movement’s “Civilian Affairs,” an interesting approach using a military-like theme throughout the tune and lyrics.  Another one of their songs, “Lord You Are” is an enjoyable anthem that focuses on the characteristics of Christ that make Him God.

The song “Questions” by Tru-Life is an honest and candid song that addresses controversial issues of today and offers what Christianity has to say about it.  Though some may find the song convicting and others may find it criticizing, I found it rather inspirational and challenging.

This is a great album, and if you dig Christian hip-hop, Higher Definition is a very mature and enjoyable CD that should be added to your collection.  If you aren’t a regular hip-hopper, buying this CD would give you a strong grasp of what the Christian music industry is up to.  Through Higher Definition, Cross Movement elevates the standard for the Christian hip-hop industry by creating an album that reaches that higher, more meaningful level of music– an album that is anything but short of quality Christian hip-hop. 

Sarah Verno   1/23/2005



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