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CPR Volume 2
Artist: Various
Label: Threshing Floor/Righteous Sinner Records
Length:  12 Tracks/77.23

I'm late with this review.  You know why?  Because I lost the CD.  This made me grumpy, because I like the CD. 

Now it has been found, and the latest addition to the Christian Progressive Rock genre has commenced blaring out of my speakers once again.

Christian Prog-Rock as a genre expands it boundaries further with the new compilation release CPR Volume 2.  This time out though the project features one CD rather than a double-disc set, and is stronger because of that.  CPR Volume 2 is full to the brim with solid songs with enough stylistic variety to hold up for many repeat listenings.  Hence my grumpiness when the CD disappeared for several weeks.

Here is a round up of the artists & songs featured:

 Dave Bainbridge (of Iona, one of the greatest bands on the planet IMHO) kicks off the CD with a stellar cut from his solo CD Veil of Gossamer.  “Over the Waters” is an evocative celtic/prog-rock ride with dream-like vocals (with Iona band-mate Joanna Hogg joining in).  The guitar solos on this cut are mind blowing.

Orphan Project thunders in with the heavy, metallic crunch of “Orphan Found.”  Heavy prog with hooks a plenty, the song features a nice Kansas-like section.

Simon Apple is a band you’ll want to check out.  Their contribution “Significance” addresses the pride of man, and the yummy lead guitar licks from Blue Oyster Cult guitarist Buck Dharma add a nice touch to a solid song.  This one could be an AOR radio hit!

Neal Morse contributes the joyous “Reunion” from his One project.  This song sounds like a big ol’ rock worship party, with a very cool Bowie-like horn lick thrown in for effect.

David Walliman adds a nice industrial-tinged prayer of longing called “Waiting for the Sun to Rise.”

Soulful Terrain’s “Secrets in the Valley” is another Celtic-laced song that features some wailing guitar from bandleader Jason Williams, fiery drums from Van Hunsberger, and guest appearances from Dave Bainbridge and Frank Van Essen of Iona.  This song compliments the leadoff cut nicely, and flows into some of the following cuts as well.

Classic proggers Glass Hammer contribute a powerful reworking of “Heroes and Dragons” that originally appeared on their CD Lex Rex.  This reflection on the fall of man starts poignantly and builds into a powerful crescendo featuring a beautiful choral and symphonic arrangement. 

Young Earth adds the anthemic “One True God,” another joyous hymn of praise to the Father clocking in at ten minutes.

Next up is a standout cut from Eric Parker, “Under the Sun.” Susie Bogdanowicz adds an incredible vocal performance to the words of Solomon, and members of Glass Hammer guest on this strong acoustic/folk/celtic/prog laced track.  This track oughtta be a number one hit on Christian radio. 

Scott Rice joins in with “Quantum Fizzix,” a sturdy instrumental cut with a hint of electronics and crunchy guitar licks galore.

The massive “Liars” from Revelation Project’s debut CD is a cut that fans of hard-rocking progressive rock will love.  “Liars” features lyrics from the Book of Revelation, haunting keyboards, heavy guitars, and dramatic vocals.

CPR 2 closes with a pleasant cover of “I Can See Clearly Now” by Bill Hubauer.  I always loved this song, and Hubauer’s cover does the song justice, and the addition of a catchy new verse at the end is a nice touch.

CPR Volume 2 will be well liked by fans of progressive rock.  But folks looking for high quality, memorable pop/rock/hard-rock/vocal/Celtic/folk/acoustic songs with vertical lyrics will enjoy this release as well.  Go buy CPR Volume 2.  And don’t lose it.

Check out CPR Volume 2, and research Christian Prog Rock here:

DJ Barry 7/27/2005

DJ Barry hosts Soul Frequency (, a web radio station & a weekly FM radio show showcasing progressive rock, instrumental rock, power-pop, psychedelic rock, rock classics and more—great rock for the ages!


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