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Artist: Christian Oldies
Label: Joshua Records
Length: 14 tracks/ 69:15 minutes

"Christian Oldies takes the great music of the classic hits by well known artists and adds Divine lyrics of praise and worship to propel them to a heavenly level."   Not a new concept, but not necessarily a bad one, either. Mainly soul, blues and R&B tracks are used here. Adding a scripture reading at the start of each tracks shows the direction of the album and songs.  "Knock On Wood" becomes "Standing on the Rock" and "Suavecito" becomes "JesuCristo"  with quite a bit of success. 

Best, though, is when well known oldies performers are involved. The Duke of Earl, Gene Chandler, opens with "God Bless Our Love" and Little Anthony does a righteous job on "I'm On Outside Looking In." Leon Patillo and Jon Gibson shine on "Shout." The album ends with an altar call as a bonus track.

Throughout the album, the saxophone playing of Ernie Tavizon and Larry Rendon is outstanding. It would be nice to know which player was on which track. A few flat notes, a couple of lyrics that don't quite work, but overall an enjoyable outing.

Bob Felberg  11/13/2005



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