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Brainchild (Re-issue)
Artist: Circle of Dust
Label: Retroactive Records
Time: 10 Tracks / 51.28

From the industrial parks of New York City comes Circle of Dust. The mastermind behind Circle of Dust is Klay Scott, a man who has a penchant for penning sounds that provoke thought and display his talent of creating original industrial music. In a genre that can be unimaginative at times, Klay steers clear of that trap completely. Listening to _Brainchild_ one word comes to mind: menacing. Each track is loaded with shredding guitars, complex samples and pounding rhythmic drums to create dark, brooding soundscapes. The epic “Prayers of a Deadman” is worth the price of admission alone. This six-minute opus is chock full of many great moments. The bass line, the distortion of the voice and the unrelenting energy converge to make something that can only be described as divine. What makes this album so amazing is that it has constant progressions and changes. “Deviate” is a wonderful example of this. These ten creations do not start off the way they begin, they are not boring they are engaging to say the least. The lone instrumental “Pale Reflection” is also worth mentioning that song cranked up is simply breathtaking. This release by far is Klay Scott’s best offering to date. In fact _Brainchild_ is one of the best industrial albums I’ve heard in years. 

Aaron C. Anderson  11/25/2005 

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