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Artist: Caedmon's Call
Label: Essential Records
Times: 17 songs / 67:29 minutes

It's hard to believe Caedmon's Call has been around for a decade, first making music on the college circuit and then on the Christian circuit. That being the band's history, it should come as no surprise that they are releasing a "Best of" collection. However, unlike most bands of Caedmon's stature, they were not content to rest on their laurels. This set includes two new studio recordings ("All My Life" and "A New Day") and live versions of Caedmon's Call favorites such as "Hope To Carry On," "Faith My Eyes," "Lead of Love" and "This World." My favorite is a new recording of "Bus Driver," with a contribution from former band member Derek Webb.

Chronicles will appeal to all Caedmon's Call fans. If you are new to Caedmon's Call, this will serve as a fine introduction.

1. All My Life (new studio version)
2. Thankful (extended studio version)
3. Lead of Love (live)
4. There You Go (from 40 Acres)
5. This World (live)
6. Table for Two (from 40 Acres)
7. 40 Acres (live)
8. I Will Sing/Hope to Carry On (live)
9. Only Hope (from Back Home)
10. Hands of the Potter (radio mix)
11. Piece of Glass (from Long Line of Leaves)
12. Bus Driver (new Studio version)
13. Before There Was Time (live)
14. Who You Are (from The Company of Angel)
15. Faith My Eyes (live)
16. Shifting Sand (from 40 Acres)
17. A New Day (new studio version)

Shari Lloyd  12/18/2004  


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