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Artist:  burstgrimdren
Label: Indie
Time: 18Tracks/ 47:41 min

Word-for-word storytellers of Biblical proportion, the lyrics are extremely "preachy," and overbearing; making the listener feel like their choking down an unwanted religion.  Burstgrimdren has an extremely retro-1960's hippie sound, and would have definitely been a played band at the "Christian Woodstock" had one ever really existed then.  The vocals sound like the singers are drunk or at least high, and the instrumentalists can't keep a straight beat, which may be the essence of what they want their sound to emulate.  This album blares a really bad home production with sounds of dogs barking in the background, babies crying, people talking, and airplanes in the background, and not intentional sound effects.

Essentially: Hippies gone musically wild in a really bad way.

Amanda Walker  October 28, 2005



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