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Sarah Brendel
Artist: Sarah Brendel
Label: Inpop Records 
Length: 11 tracks 38:03

You may not hear a sweeter invitation to accept Christ as your savior this year than is extended by Sarah Brendel as she sings "King I Love" on her North American debut self titled album.  "King I Love," a song penned by Brendel and John Schluter is a melodic pop tune with memorable hooks that lay out in 3:41 who Jesus Christ is, why he came to earth, the gift that he imparts and points us forward to his return. It may be difficult to argue this is a worship song but if I had a vote I would nominate "King I Love" for the top worship song of the year when the Dove nominations roll around again. The lyrics speak to the essence of worshipping our King.
Produced and engineered by Udo Rinklin this CD demonstrates great song selection, wonderful arrangements and plays to the versatility of Brendelís voice. When you come face to face with a fresh new sound and a talented musician like Sarah Brendel you are hesitant to make comparisons yet music mongers everywhere clamor for them so I will try.  On her more pop driven tunes she reminds you of Lisa Loeb. On her stronger rock beats such as "Fire" she sings with the same kind of passion we have come to associate with Rebecca St James. The number one track Commodity rocks with the best that fellow label mates Superchic[k] can offer up.
Still in her twenties Brendel is already a seasoned veteran on the mainstream charts in her native Germany scoring  a top ten hit with "Sign of the Times" and her top of the charts "Du Bist Nicht Allein" which reigned for more than twenty weeks. Her music has also been featured on TV and in film.
I guarantee you will be singing along to "Turn," "King I Love," and "Breathing In." Lyrically these songs are not sugar coated as so many are today­afraid to offend or tread too heavily upon turf occupied by the fringe church goer. This carefully created masterpiece leaves no doubt where songwriters Brendel, Schluter and Rinklin stand. If you want to buy a CD that is sure to be enjoyed by those who like a soft rock or pop sound that is original and fresh while presenting them with a sonic gospel message than do someone a favor by giving them Sarah Brendel, the CD.
Brendel may be the most talented singer to come out of Germany since new wave / punk diva Nina Hagen in the late seventies and mid eighties. Take a bow Sarah you have already conquered Germany, America welcomes you with open arms.
By Joe Montague, exclusive rights reserved

Joe Montague is an internationally published journalist / photographer. His ministry is dedicated to the memory of his late son Kent David Montague who went to heaven at the age of 18. All copyright and distribution rights remain the property of Joe Montague. 


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