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  Broken Vessels
Artist: Bread of Stone 
Label: Independent
Length: 34:39

Bread of who?

Allow me to introduce you. Bread of Stone is a band composed of brothers Bill and Ben Kristjanto. They hail from Iowa/Indonesia/Nashville and have recently added bassist Terry [last name classified.] They are very sincere about their band being a music ministry; therefore, they mostly play in churches. Depending on whether you ask the band or their publicity, Broken Vessels is either their first or second album. Since I tend to believe bands more often than their publicity hawks, I declare that it is their second album.

>Broken Vessels is a partly CCM praise and worship album. Keeping that in mind, the lyrics are well-written and the piano lessons paid off. Much of the background music was not recorded by the Krisjianto brothers, but they give credit where credit is due. The album's title song "Broken Vessels" has received airplay on Christian radio stations, but overall a lot of the music sounds subdued.

If you are a friend or family member of this band and do not own this album, you should be ashamed. Otherwise, it may  be better to simply hear the band perform live. Booking information and sound samples are available on their website at

Freddie Odom  1/22/2005



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