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Dream To Extremes
Artist: Karli Bonne’
Label: Guruproject 2005
Length: 13 Tracks
Running Length: 50 minutes

Singer/songwriter Karli Bonne’ is going around the world in her latest CD. Bonne who has a voice at times, reminiscent of Janis Joplin, does “dream to extremes.” Her songs with her producer Chris Pati, range in accompaniment from scratch/rap to Delta blues to Latino.

Previous albums by Karli Bonne’ have been The Promise of My Lord (2002) and Angel Without Wings (2004.).  In each, Bonne has shown growth through definitive lyrics, accompaniment, and mood. Her latest, “Dream to Extremes” showcases her vocal range and heightened style, but I think there yet is still unexplored territory within her voice.

The title track, “Dream To Extremes” has shotgun percussion as accompaniment to augment “Don't let life lose it’s meaning, No one can tell you what you're supposed to be. We are all visionaries, look inside, you can see infinity.” This is a song for everyone caught up in the cookie parade. “Going Global” has Brian Eustache doing rap and DJ Doc on Scratchin. “I must go on this way for souls to be saved, all my steps are mapped out for me, Red, Black, Yellow, Caucasian standing in every bus station, I'm sprouting wings like superman fly, type my message across the sky.” Contemporary lyrics that reach everyone today and tomorrow. Bonne’ reinforces her voice with her own background vocals  Mix and mastering are top-notch. 

“I Know You” shows rousing confidence in a higher power with “I know you will catch me when I'm falling, I don't watch the clock you're always right on time.” “Me” tells us that the singer got a “second chance” and we should take a “second glance” because she is “. not so predictable…not invincible…someday I'll walk through walls.”

“I Got the Spirit In Me” is downright hand-clappin’ spiritual.  “I'm saved, so good, look out honey, I'll be preachin’ in your neighborhood.”  The salvation train is on its way. “Love Is” has a hypnotic chorus of “Listen all around the world, you know love is calling.” This selection, on the dreamy side, is one in which Karli gets to wrap her voice around the notes and take the listener along for the harmonic ride. 

“Talk to Me” is a middle-of-the-night, 3 a.m. song of “I can't sleep, your voice is calling me, I can't rest, lay down my weary head, I can't dream, I can't speak, I can't see, talk to me.” Background percussion is balanced just right so the ethereal effect of the lyrics and Bonne’s breathy voice come through.  “Amore De Mi Corazon” has an energetic Latino beat with the chorus repeating, “Amore’ de mi Corazon, Amore’ de mi Corazon, Amore’ de mi Alma (Lover of my heart, Lover of my heart, Lover of my soul).”  Against the background of brass and percussion, the singer tells us that “I can feel the wind embrace me when I bow to pray…. at night I rest my head assured of a brand new start.” Bonne’ plays congas on this selection.  The brief last track is unaccompanied and full throat. The singer is asking the Lord to “. come and sit with me awhile..I won't ask you for nothin’…I just want to make you smile.”

Karli Bonne’ and her producer Chris Pati certainly have a talent for lyrics and the right mix to showcase the songs and Karli’s voice. Lyrics come through clear in each song so the listener can understand and feel the various moods people have through the day and around the world.  They go from being stopped in traffic (“Dream To Extremes”) to traveling widely (“Going Global”) to prayer (“Wings of a Prayer”) to just plain talk as in  “I Won't Back down.” With this CD, you just want to experience life in all its flavors with Karli Bonne’ leading the way.

Copyright 2005 Marie Asner
Submitted 9/10/05



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