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On Earth As It Is In Heaven
Artist: Babylon Mystery Orchestra 
Label: Indie 
Length: 13 tracks

Metal has been around a while now. There is a huge focus on guitars in metal music, it is what helps for it to breathe life into this "artform". Babylon Mystery Orchestra is experimental metal that focuses on slick guitar work that is classically old school metal steel, oh yeah! With BMO being experimental, it means that each song is different and tries to make a totally switched around each time a song is played. Every time the first guitar chord is strummed on each track there is a different concept, feel, or taste to the metal music that is being played. Very talented metal that is influenced by the ol' metal of those classic metal story saga days. This is NOT "heavy, core, death, or black" metal, no, no, it might have a darker tone to it, but it's straight up metal, nothing fancy, and nothing bland either. Definitely would be for the TRUE metal fan that loves metal, mETAL, and METAL!

Len Nash 3/19/05



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