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  Symphony of the Ruins
Artist: The Burning Issue 
Label: none
Time: 3 tracks

Metal music! Oh yeah baby! Yes! Metal Music! Symphony of the Ruins is a three song EP/Demo done by a young Louisiana band going by the name of The Burning Issue. All three of the songs are metal. _Symphony of the Ruins_ talks about the fall of Lucifer in "From Beginning to the End (Part I, the Wars)", the brothers who fell into sin and how we live like them in "Hands of Atrocity (Part II, the Warnings)", and the final song talks about the end times or Armageddon in "Eyes of Crimson Fire (Part III, the Departing)". The Burning Issue is Christian Metal that wants to show kids that it's okay to have a good time and be a Christian, to show some ol' down south love to the world. It's true that Symphony of the Ruins sounds similar at times to either early Living Sacrifice or early Extol, or new Symphony in Peril. The production and recording is done well, although the music at times will tend to over power the vocals. The Burning Issue is to have fun, while staying positive, and sticking around, and being cool. 

Check out their music online:

Len Nash  4/3/2005



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