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  What To Do With Daylight
Artist: Brooke Fraser
Label: Columbia/Sony

Multi-platinum in NewZealand, young Brooke Fraser sings beautifully, writes, plays a snowflake-pretty piano, and taught herself guitar (the delicate “Indelible” shows she’s no dabbling amateur either).  She is quietly wide-eyed about love both romantic and divine, without being trite or proud.  It’s hard not to throw around words like “mature” and “impressive”.  Emmylou Harris’s drummer Brady Blade, as producer, gives a solid backbone to NZ single “Better” and the Jamaican “Reverie,” while “Without You” shuffles happily like something from Norah Jones.  “Arithmetic” could be the pop-jazz swooning soundtrack to a film set in the New York snow, while there couldn’t be a sadder farewell scene tune than “Scarlet.”  Brooke’s consistent debut shows there’s no glass ceiling for Christian musicians this talented.

Nick Mattiske  1/9/2005



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