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The Recovery
Artist: Ben Thomas
Label: Independent
Length: 14 tracks / 62 minutes

The initiative to get your art out to the public is extremely important in this day of the oversaturated music market. While anyone out there can make a record in their bedroom, not everyone can create a buzz around their personal creation. One successor in this music hill climb is Illnois’ Ben Thomas. Thomas was recently named as one of the top up and coming independent artist by _Christianity Today_, and that honor is well deserved. _The Recovery_ is a musical treasure chest for the fan of alt-country/folk rock fan. At moments, Thomas sounds can remind you of amped-up Bright Eyes or Rocky Votolato without the gloomy perspective on life. When you combine that with the sounds of Wilco, Radiohead, and Derek Webb, you’ve got the makings of a great album. Personal lyrics alongside haunting melodies are what Thomas does best. The “do it yourself” nature of this album sometimes rears its head, but the rawness of the project also adds to the passion in Thomas’ songwriting. Thomas shows he can have some fun with his songwriting on “Loosen Your Grip” and “Doves” but can keep it serious, as seen in “Shackled By Light” and “I Keep Driving (The Machine).” Showing lots of promise for a 26 year-old, Thomas’ first full-length is an independent success setting the stage for a bright future.

Zach Delph  7/12/2005



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