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Artist: Benjiman
Label; Bec Recordings 
Length: 50:18

Benjiman's hometown of Lacomb, Oregon with its population of 100 couldn't be called a hotbed for rap music, but the man's dream has some true. Benjiman Hurlburt has fashioned a career in rap music.  You may have read or heard his name before. He appeared on Kutless' and Falling Up's albums, but he was always destined for more than a supporting role. His solid debut offering Activate is a fusion of rock and hip hop, jam packed with rock rhythms, heavy beats and powerful vocals. Lyrically he man deals with peer pressure.  Benjiman says that there are so many different signals being sent through the mainstream media and they are afraid to step out on a limb for the things that really matter.

"Trace of Love" is about being sucked into life's vices and trying to find some one who has your back. Vocal support by 20 year old producer Zach Hodges adds a nice, almost light contrast next to Benjiman's strong vocals.

Very compelling is "Know You Personally." This is a story of three people in different places of frustration with the Lord.  "It says how important to ignore what the world around us is doing and truly get to know God personally," Bejiman says.

And for just plain fun, check out "One More Time' and "Up Side Your Head" featuring j-Bizz and Nehemiah from Ruff Diamond Productions. Activate is a testimony to Benjiman's tenacity and talent. He says "If God can use a thick white boy from Oregon for rap, He can use anybody for anything."
Bob Felberg  4/17/2005



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