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With Both Feet 
Artist: Brad Davis
Label: Independent
Length: 10/52:36

Brad Davis boldly goes where hundreds have gone before: With Both Feet is an acoustic guitar driven, Southern rock/folk tinged album that breaks no new ground either musically or vocally.  Davis uses well-mined themes, even down to some of the song titles: “I’m Free,” “Perfect Love,” “All You Need,” and “God of Second Chance.”  The songs are overlong, and fall into a predictable rhyme scheme, making it easy to sing along to the next line even if you’d never heard the song before.

Davis is, at best, a lesser version of Andrew Peterson, without that artist’s songwriting ability.  His middle of the road vocals are passable. With Both Feet is a disc that will not offend based on talent, but neither will it draw you back.

Brian A. Smith
11 December 2004

With Both Feet
Artist: Brad Davis 
Label: Indie
Length: 10 tracks / 52:43

Brad Davis’ With Both Feet serves up full-bodied acoustic guitar, creamy bass and a dash of organic percussion folded together into a smooth batch of home-cooked, inspirational folk.

Davis demonstrates that with dedicated musicianship and a true heart, artists no longer have to rely on costly studios to generate quality albums. Songwriters like Davis are empowered by home recording technology that allows them to focus less on replicating studio sound and more on creating the music they love to play.

Within his lyrics Davis shows his roots as a worship leader, mixing personal experience with praise-infused petitions. In “God of Second Chance,” an anthem for the forgiven, he sings, “And he calls us His beloved / and He heals us when we are broken / He’s the God of second chance.” Freedom in Christ is also a strong theme, as relayed in the genuinely joyful title track: “I’m gonna life my life throwing caution to the wind / I’m gonna let this love captivate me / I’m gonna dare to dance like there is no second chance / I’m gonna jump in with both feet.”

While Davis’ authentic, unpretentious vocals are a bit hesitant at times, he delivers his songs with the passion of a melodic soul expressing his faith in his native tongue, that of guitar and voice. 

RIYL: Bebo Norman, John Denver, Willy Porter

Greg Adams 4/28/05



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