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Government Name
Artist: Bobby Bishop
Label: Beatmart Recordings
Time: 11 tracks

Bobby Bishop is his Government Name, it is official: Bobby has street tenacity, melodies, and creativity. His beats are crisp and catchy. For being hip-hop music these songs on Government Name are a little bit more poppy. Starting out the beats are there for support, then the songs get a little slower in pace, and then towards the end he snaps forward and they BoUNcE! On this CD Bobby can be hilarious or serious or just flowing. He voices issues about triple X and rape, and a whole lot of perspective on the simple things in life. "Song for Amy" is gripping and at the same time gets people to think. It talks about some conversations that Bobby had with this one girl about the time she got raped and then it goes on to tell a little bit on how the story unfolds and what she learned from the ordeal. Bobby is catchy, smart, relevant, and can lay down thoughtful lyrics and still he is able to keep that street tenacity.

Bobby Bishop, that is his Government Name (aka "official name"), his hip-hop name is for real.

Len Nash 7/25/2005



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