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Here Come Those Dreams Again
Artist: Big Blue Hearts  
Label: Eagle Eye Records
Length: 10 tracks/ 45:30

Bearing a mixture of soft pop sensuality with slightly twangy, floating country tones and “me and my girl” lyrical themes, Big Blue Hearts are one heck of a lovesick outfit.  Their newest recording is full of the kind of music you’d play to ‘set the mood’ before she gets home; a record of romantic sounds and lyrics expressing the sulky heartaches of love relationships.

There’s a bit of a retro allure to Here Come Those Dreams Again. It sounds very much influenced by the likes of Elvis and such, but it’s modern enough to be accessible to and enjoyed by those whose only take of this genre is cheesy ballads and tasteless lyrical tirades.  It’s a record that can be easily embraced from many different angles- just artful enough to set itself apart from contemporaries, but easy enough of a listen to appeal to the majority.

Sure, the one-track lyrical theme of “she loves me/she loves me not” does feel a little overdone by album’s end, and the music doesn’t seem to pack quite enough oomph to make this as memorable as it could have been, but the song writing is solid and the analog production well-done. Dig the fantastic beat and rhythm of title-track, or the lovely pop flow of the first single, “Lovin’ You.”  It’s a lovable recording-a little bit quirky in some places, a little bit retro-ish in others, and a whole lot of fun overall.  

Jonathan Avants 7/11/05



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