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Life of Worship
Artist: Jon Bauer
Label: Independent
Length: 10 tracks/ 43:24

_Life of Worship_ has a professional and finely toned sound, with consistent and tight song writing throughout.  Bauer’s already worth comparing to many of the signed and slickly produced artists in his popular worship genre; He certainly has a talent for crafting soft and sweet worship melodies that could be sung comfortably in any worship setting.

The only problem with Life of Worship is an overall lack of originality. There are many artists who already bear a near identical sound and song writing style.  Bauer’s melodies are strong enough to warrant a fair listen from those seeking a solid radio-friendly pop worship album, but they aren’t quite unique enough to make them stand out.

Even so, Bauer's talent is readily apparent.  If he can either stretch his sound into something more unique, or pen a set of truly great original songs beyond the solid ones on Life of Worship, he’d achieve something truly worth noting.

Jonathan Avants 9/10/05



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