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Aw (EP)
Artist: Andrewesley
Label: Marathon Records
Length: 4/14:04

Crafted as a "we need something to sell at Cornerstone" disc, LSU and Aunt Bettys alum Andrew Carter and company have released aw as a limited edition EP.  Two new songs, "Hourglass" and "One Step Closer" expand on the gritty rock sound heard on their debut record, Strength. Two covers round out the disc ­ "Girl From the North Country" (Bob Dylan), and "Face Pollution" (Soundgarden).  As usual with Dylan's lyrics, the vocals here far outshine the original.  The latter comes across as an unusual choice, but the group makes it stand up as their own.

Chuck Cummings, Bill Bowman, and Jeff Elbel compliment Carter's guitar and vocal work quite well, and make you long for the next full length release.  "One Step Closer" should be considered for inclusion, lest a song this wonderful be doomed to obscurity by being consigned to a quickie EP.

Brian A. Smith
25 July 2005


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