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Distant Thunder of the Sacred Force
Artist: Abner Trio
Label: Joyful Noise Records  
Length: 7 tracks/ 28:25

Abner Trio's Distant Thunder of the Sacred Force's CD has been described as the "grind-folk/sleep-soaked/mystic-schizophrenic-post-monastic-trance-rock album of the year." 

Okay, I can go along with that.

The Trio is made up from members of such prestigious bands as Manners For Husbands and Melk the G6-49 and features Clinton Hughey on guitar and vocals; Daniel Paquette  bass, spoken-word, and singing; and Karl Hofstetter with the beats. 

The music is guitar driven, but it is the spastic drumming that draws you into this quirky world. Paquette's lyrics are sincere and sarcastic while the word-play jumps from insightful to hysterical. The spoken word sections make this stuff interesting-as if we were in this guy's head as he walks through his work-a-day world.  Opener "One" features all the above. Dirgey-Velvet's simple-fatalistically hopeful. In "Three" the guy is either a prophet or lunatic. Haven't figured it out yet. Distant Thunder  is full of intrigue and mystery. 

Bob Felberg  10/23/2005

Warning: there are a couple of mild swear words.



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