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  Stop, Rock & Roll
Artist: After the Order 
Label: Independent
Length:  6 Tracks/23:11

Stop, Rock & Roll features the band After the Order dropping six molten slabs of hard rockin’ music with melody and praise.  Singer Luke Mills leads the rock brigade with a smooth vocal performance somewhat reminiscent of Linkin Park’s more melodic moments.  Standout cuts are “Be There” which starts with a nice little lick that starts slow and carries throughout the song, the praise rocker “Fall,” and the singing/screaming rock of “Let it Go.”  The CD was produced by the band and sounds solid, with tasty fuzzy guitars and punchy drums.  If After the Order continues to progress and further their sound and lyrics they should have a bright future.  I would love to check out a full-length project by these talented fellows.

DJ Barry 1/27/2005

DJ Barry hosts Soul Frequency, a web radio station & a weekly FM radio show showcasing progressive rock, instrumental rock, power-pop, psychedelic rock, rock classics and more—great rock for the ages!



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