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Battle Cry: Worship from the Frontlines
Artist: ATF 
Label: Integrity
Length: 10/56:10

Worship conference leaders are getting smarter: much like Promise Keepers did earlier this year, Acquire the Fire is releasing a disc of songs to be featured at their Teen Mania conferences in fall of this year through Spring 2006.   The idea is that attendees will know the songs before arrival, and increased participation and enjoyment will result.  

Worship leader Michael Gungor takes the lead on this disc, recorded live in Lyndale, Texas.  It starts off strong with "You Are Good," which open with a blazing guitar intro, and keeps the energy going from there.   Other recent favorites such as "Let the Praises Ring" receive a more up tempo treatment than your average Hillsong listener would be used to.  

The rest of the disc gradually fades into less interesting, more mundane songs, featuring repeated choruses, and the usual calls for participation from the stage, a choreography of the masses.   The lone exception to this is "Forevermore," which owes a large debt to U2's "Where the Streets Have No Name", almost copying its guitar line note for note.   

Worship from the Frontlines will be popular with those who fall into its target demographic: high school and college youth groups, and their leaders.   Few others will take notice.

Brian A. Smith
23 October 2005



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