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Artist:  Asherstreets 
Label: Indie
Time: 36:36

What do I think of when I think Wisconsin? Cheese, Cheeseheads, Packers, more cheese. Well, that was until this week. Now when I think Wisconsin, I think of beautiful music. I don't know how Ben and Foochild might feel about being described as beautiful by some guy in Oklahoma that they don't know, but this music really does portray a beauty that is very simple and pure.

Ben Kelm's voice has an incredibly clean quality to it as he delivers the thought provoking and touching lyrics. “For You” expresses a thought that many people; myself included, have felt when it appeared that everything was lost, and they had given up. “You picked up my horn, that I'd throw'd away. You knew there was a song, I had yet to play. Save me for You, oh Lord I need you now” How many of us had given up on the song that God put in us from the beginning of time only to have him pick us up and show us that the song was still there, but we had chosen to ignore it?

I wish I could go back to the day I got married and play “Make me Smile” as I dance with my new bride. This song was so true to me. God brought a woman into my life that brought back that smile.

Lyrically reminiscent of early U2, this album is a strong and moving project full of love and life.

Just a quick quote from Ben's journal at : Just in case there's any record label reading this right now, I just want you to now that we are not signed yet.. So you can pick us up if you want.

Justin Wrigh 10/23/05



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