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The Thesis
Artist: The Ambassador
Label: Cross Movement Records
Time: 14 tracks/1:10:41

Five years after releasing his first solo album, The Cross Movement’s The Ambassador is back with his most recent release, The Thesis, an album with fifteen cuts full of energy and passion.

Excluding the track “Amba-ss-ador” (Why do rappers always feel the need to spell out their name in a repetitive manner?), the album is full of creativity and positive flow. In  “Feels Good,” the first single off the new album, The Ambassador spits out rhymes while a female accompanies on the chorus, creating a unique blend to add to the already catchy song.

“Get You Open,” though somewhat repetitive, is a clever song that discusses the impact hip-hop has on our society and how important Christ is in our culture.  The Ambassador even makes a witty reference to Snoop Dog’s “Drop It Like It’s Hot.”  Other tracks, like “Body Talk” and the compelling “The Fall,” also have inspiring and thought-provoking lyrics combined with intriguing overall tones.  

One negative aspect that stands out to me, though, is the little hints of repetitiveness.  I understand that songs are repetitive in themselves (chorus are repeated, main lines are repeated, etc); However, some of the songs (i.e. “Thesis Pieces,” “The Elements”) fuse together a never-changing beat and an over-repeated hook that only make me ready to change the song half way through. None-the-less, I still consider The Thesis to be a good Christian hip-hop/rap album.

The Thesis is a quality sophomore project that was almost well worth the wait. 

Sarah Verno, 7/12/2005



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