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  Home Songs 
Artist: Adem
Label: Domino 
length: 10 tracks

If you are not familiar with Adem, (pronounced more like autumn than the fateful apple eater) you may know him from his other projects.  He is a member of the band Fridge and is also an occasional back up musician for Badly Drawn Boy tours.   

Adem's solo effort, Home Songs is a lovely piece of work centered on the universal topic of longing for home (if the title didn't give it away).  From its start, with lonely guitar and hammered dulcimer, the album's elegant simplicity is captivating.  Adem does quirky, heartfelt folk right.  

Lyrically, Adem never crosses the hazy line between honesty and cheesy. He conjures a feeling of longing in the listener, and dodges the hyper-self analysis that is painfully prevelent in inie/acoustic music.  (If you need an example just pop in a Dashboard Confessional cd and emerse yourself in Carraba's blog set to music.)  Anyway, there are few weak points in the album and certainly none worth mentioning. 

This album has moments of rootsy Americana vibe.  It is hard to believe at times that Adem is British.  He is certainly my favorite artist out of the UK currently and breaks the mold of the British making "Brit-pop."   

Elijah Wyman  1/4/2005


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