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  overtired & ill-prepared 
Artist: Adelaide 
Label: Word of Mouth Records 
Length: 10 tracks 

On the surface, Adelaide seems to be yet another independent modern rock band trying to make it on the main stage.  A deeper look, however, reveals a thought-provoking lyrical base and melodic driving piano and guitar musical mix.  There’s more to these Buffalo, NY guys than meets the eye! 

Although earning themselves critical acclaim in the rock community as The McClurg Family Singers, the band split to pursue other musical interests with some members forming Adelaide.   Drawing heavily on their previous rock influences with an infusion of pop, this new incarnation has taken on a life of its own. 

Overtired & ill-prepared opens loud with the driving “Starting Line” then flows naturally into soaring rock ballads “Giving Up On Progress” and “Straight Jackets.”  “Hard to Find,” and the title track kick the sound up a notch and the melodic “Hymn” wraps up a solid debut. 

Adelaide’s first offering is both lyrically and musically challenging, proving these indies are deserving of a larger audience.  

Kerry Maffeo 



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