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  Heaven and Earth
Artist: Acappella
Label: The Acappella Company
Length: 12 Tracks / 36:26

Acappella, the style, generally refers to music that uses no instruments instead relying on vocalists for the sound of percussion and other instruments.  Acappella, the group, is best known for their wonderful ministry over the past 23 years that has featured them performing some of the best acappella music  in Christian music.  Despite many roster changes over the group's history (their roster fluctuates as much as Truth's did , they still excel at what they do. Heaven and Earth is a good album for fans of the group yet also for those who are getting introduced to the group for the first time.  

Those who are not familiar with this style or this group may picture a boring southern gospel sound that only their great-great grandparents would love, but they would be mistaken.  This is obvious from the beginning of the opening track which has an urban edge to it.  "Dust in the Wind," the second track, also has an upbeat feel to it.  The group goes hip hop with "Dime Store Segue," but this track only clocks in at a short 59 seconds. The hip-hop/urban flair continues with "One Ragged Angel."

The group slows things down for "They Are the Roses" a ballad with tight harmonies.  Things pick back up with the Latin-sounding "Emergency."  Some fans may skip right over the eighth track, "Y. R. A. G. Radio Segue" which has that southern gospel feel to it that many may be trying to avoid.  Unfortunately, the rest of this project retains some of that feel and loses the energy that the first seven songs of the CD have.  The remaining tracks are good but not as good since they don't have the same energy that the earlier songs have.

This is a good CD, whether the listener is a fan of acappella music or is experiencing it for the first time.

Burton Wray February 7, 2005



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