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3 the God Way
Artist:  3 the God Way 
Label: KaughtUpp Records
Time: 46:52

I had to look crunk (krunk) up in Wikipedia since I had basically no idea what it meant. In the case of 3 the God Way, it means a disc full of deep beats and solid programming. BB Jay, Pettidee, and Demetrius have each had solo careers that covered different genres of rap/hip-hop/R&B. They come together on this record to bring a enjoyable collection of songs that show their grasp of the street life while sharing the love of Christ that has changed their lives. While most rap music wants to glorify sex and drugs, 3 the God Way addresses these topics in a realistic but pure way. They don't deny that the ladies still look good (“sexy, brown thing with long black hair”), but they make sure that all those pretty ladies know that they're on the way home to see the virtuous woman that God gave them. They aren't afraid to admit that they still struggle with temptation to go back to the life that they used to live. In the song “Can't go Back” (one of two hidden tracks) they make a statement that we could all apply to our lives. “Every setback is a setup for a victorious comeback.” leads into the song as they explain that they still deal with temptation to “bump crack”, have criminal records, and were on the highway to Hell without even a second thought until the found Christ. Their desire to reach out to others in the same situations that they were in is evident as they tell the listener that God will do the same thing for them too. “Praise You” is a love song for the Lord unlike any I've heard. Sung like a bedroom eyes song to your lover, this song really shows how much these guys really love God above all the money, rides, rims, and grills that they've experienced in their lives.

Although I thought that this disk was pretty solid, I thought that I would loan it to a kid in my youth group whose more into the scene. I just gave him the CD and asked him to listen to it. I didn't give him any info or tell him who they were. When I saw him the next day and asked him about the CD he said, “That's the best CD ever!” This kid listens to all the newest stuff coming out, and he really digs 3 the God Way. He also said, “This stuff is pure H-town.”

With special guests Bonafide (Grits) and Thrill da Playa (The 69 Boyz), and heavy hitter producers that have worked with R. Kelly and Roughriders, this disc is sure to satisfy those that are looking for some crunk without having to subject themselves to the negative images that usually go along with it.

Justin Wright 10/23/2005



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