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Chicken Little

Chicken Little (Zach Braff) is the story of a little chicken. Really. I mean he is little. Except for his head, which is kind of big for him, being so little. He gets his little tail feathers in big trouble with the town’s “people” when he causes a panic because he thinks a piece of the sky fell on his head. It’s even worse because his dad (Garry Marshall) doesn’t believe him and is sort of embarrassed by his actions. His mom would probably have believed him but she is dead. After all this is a Disney movie and moms do not fair well. But luckily Chicken Little gets the chance to redeem himself when scary, angry aliens attack the planet.

Like most Disney movies this one is about overcoming. Overcoming family relationships, physical limitations and the inferiority that plagues most
young people. Chicken Little is helped in his endeavor by some of his other unpopular friends including a neurotic pig, Runt (Steve Zahn), a fish out of water (Dan Molina) and an ugly duckling, Abby (Joan Cusack).  Together they help Chicken Little mend ways with his pop as well as save all of mankind from the falling atmosphere. Not bad for a bunch of least likelies.

Disney may be the father of animation movies but they still have not mastered the writing and comedy of Pixar or even Dreamworks. Though a fun movie that kids and adults will enjoy one time out, there is no decent story line and the plot is a hodgepodge of twists and turns that really do not gel, ever. Sure, the Chicken is cute but that will not hold the normal viewer even for a short 77 minutes. This resembles a straight to video project or extended Saturday morning cartoon rather than a major release. And that is a shame because it had potential, but just never took flight.

The relationship between Little and his dad is a little too deep for younger viewers and not sellable for adults. You will get the point of course but they never drive it home in a way that is relevant or thought provoking. If they aren’t careful they will almost convince kids that parents, though they love you, will never trust you unless an alien lands in the backyard and proves you aren’t lying.

Chicken Little is Rated G. Definitely safe for the whole family and probably not a terrible choice for a Saturday afternoon outing.

The Mungle (11/02/05)

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