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Out of the Question...Into the Mystery
Author: Leonard Sweet
Publisher: WaterBrook Press
Pages: 244

Leonard Sweet is one of those authors who is much beloved in some circles and a virtual unknown in others.  Sweet is best known for his trilogy of books, _SoulTsunami_, _Aqua Church_, and _SoulSalsa_ that deal with adapting our method of ministry, while keeping our message the same.  He has also written more than 17 other books, 100 articles, and 400 published sermons.

One of the many paradoxes in society is the fact that on one level people flee from relationships and yet also on another level are hungering for them.  Relationship experts, such as Dr. Phil, Oprah, and Dr. Laura enjoy a huge amount of popularity.  Society hungers for relationships and yet so many times Christians make the Christian life out to be one which consists of following rules and holy regulations.  Len Sweet argues that the Christian life is all about relationships.  It is about our relationship with God, other believers, His Story, non-believers, our society, creation, and the Spiritual world. 

God created humans so that they would have a relationship with Him.  Unfortunately that relationship was damaged with the Fall so God sent Jesus so that the relationship could be restored. Sweet discusses what he calls the "GodLife relationship", which is when believers discover the authentic life of trusting God and living in love.  When believers discover this relationship they realize that it is not all about following legalistic rules and regulations, it is all about relating to God.  Sweet methodically explains the importance of relationships, including our relationship with God using examples such as the life of Abraham.  In what is likely to be one of the more controversial parts of the book, Sweet argues that Abraham failed God's test when he attempted to sacrifice Isaac as God was desiring a relationship with Abraham instead of his sacrifice.

In an age where even the Church is focusing too much on rules and not relationships, this book is a wakeup call to Christians everywhere.

Burton Wray 
February 6, 2005


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