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Revealed: Spiritual Reality in a Makeover World
Authors: Linda Clare & Kristen Johnson Ingram
Publisher: Revell
In The Stores: August 1st, 2005

Ladies, wouldn’t you just die for a weekend at a spa?  Ah, to check out of your day-to-day reality of misplaced bills and dirty laundry and to check into a weekend fantasy of mud bath, massage, and fluffy white terry cloth that you didn’t launder.  How refreshing it would be!

Well, what if you could take the spa home with you?  And what if that spa cleansed and massaged your soul, revealing the true woman you were called to be?  If that sounds tempting, try Revealed, a collaboration by Linda Clare and Kirsten Johnson Ingram.

Whoever and wherever you are, it is Clare’s and Ingram’s conviction that every woman longs deep within her soul to be known and loved.  Within the framework of a spa setting, Revealed houses a collection of meditations, poems and sisterly chats to refresh a woman’s heart. 

Stressed out? Try the Aromatherapy Alcove.  In need of healing?  Soak in the hot springs.  Eavesdrop on Linda and Kirsten’s dialogues or ponder inspirations before “trying on” your latest revelation with a practical exercise at the end of the chapter. 

Arguably the best thing about this book is that it is written in short segments perfect for the time deprived.  Whether you snuggle in a cozy chair with herbal tea or lock the bathroom door for five minutes and multi-task (you know who you are), grab Revealed and open your heart.  Truth is waiting in the wind-chime atrium. 

Nanci Thomson  7/11/2005
All Rights Reserved 

Revealed is like a “Spiritual Spa” for women.  It gets down deep, and sweeps away the cobwebs from you soul, rejuvenating you emotionally, mentally and physically.  This book really encourages women to find out who they are, so they’re not encouraged to judge themselves and their bodies in a sort of “Hollywood”, perfect fashion.  You will find Linda talking about how she went to church to find God, and how she got extremely involved for outward appearances, but never actually finding God in it.  She had to go beyond that, and look inside.  Kristen talks a lot about her foreign nationality, how it played a lot on how she looked, and the influences of her family and friends.  Her pep-talks and inspiration is based a lot on the Biblical Esther.  There are also great poems and inspirational saying by guests such as Luci Shaw, Vinita Hampton Wright, and more.  
Amanda Walker; 8/26/05



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