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The American Prophecies
Author: Michael D. Evans 
Publisher: Warner Faith
Pages: 310

With "The New York Times Bestseller" on the dust jacket, and _The American Prophecies_ as a title, and an author I knew little about, I approached this book with a little skepticism, wondering if this was some kind of sensational end times book. The subtitle "Ancient Scriptures Reveal Our Nation’s Future" only reinforced that idea. 

Is America in prophecy? The author answers yes, and goes on to show that "America has married two brothers…" Our marriage to Israel was perpetuated by guilt over how we responded during the Holocaust. Our marriage to Ishmael (the Arab nations) is one of convenience. "Ishmael brought a dowry of black gold (oil) to the marriage, and then used it to blackmail America." 

It’s through our relationship with these two brothers that America is in prophecy. How we relate to Israel will determine where we fit in with prophetic events. 

Evans does not have a fatalistic view of prophecy—since God is sovereign and because certain events are ordained to come to pass, we can just sit back and wait. He believes that the Scriptures teach "that we can choose to be on the blessing or cursing side of prophecy." We can claim that God is on our side, but are we on His side? If we side with Ishmael against Israel, we will surely suffer for it.

The author contends that bigotry that gives rise to hatred of the Jews is behind the current Palestinian crisis and terrorism in general. He points out the current rise in anti-Semitism throughout the world and compares it to public sentiment prior to the Holocaust. In talking about the war on terrorism he states, "…we have totally missed the fact that the spirit that drove Hitler and Stalin is the same spirit that is driving terrorism today (italics in original)…it is the spirit of hatred, which always begins in the same way: It first starts by hating Jews (anti-Semitism) and then moves on to hating Christians." 

He gives a sobering warning with reference to our allying with and arming Islamic terrorist-funding regimes: "There has never been a more urgent time for Americans to act with more moral clarity than today, yet there has never been a time in which we have seemed more duplicitous. The future of our nation, as well as our world, hangs in the balance between our action and our apathy."

Everyone may not share the claim that judgment is heading to America for "cursing what God has blessed (Israel) and blessing what God has cursed (in rebuilding Babylon)." The author also opposes dividing up Jerusalem and any land for peace exchanges for the same reason. 

Evans doesn’t seem to allow for ignorance or misunderstanding in relation to replacement theology (the teaching that the Church has replaced Israel), when he calls it a new age doctrine from hell that feeds Jew-hatred. 

He also uses strong language in describing the state of the American church and calling it to repent of its backsliding. He believes the Church must stand with Israel because God does, and fulfilling the great commission regarding Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria is part of the Church’s eternal purpose. He sees his book as a wake-up call from heaven.

Towards the end, he sets forth the rapture as the "church’s day of greatest hope." His desire is for a great revival in America that will result in so many being taken that there won’t be "enough of America left to fight over."

Michael Evans is the founder of the Jerusalem Prayer Team that has the purpose of mobilizing prayer for the protection and peace of Jerusalem and its citizens along with praying for revival in the Middle East.

With his journalistic background and his intimate access to government officials, Evans is at his best when he is chronicling our long history with Israel and the Arab people. The moral clarity that he brings to the issues and his detailed accounting of the events leading up to the rebirth of Israel are enough by themselves to make this worth reading. If you want to have a better understanding of current events in relation to Israel, and what America’s relationship has been and should be toward Israel, this is a helpful guide.

Michael Dalton July 24, 2005



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